Stock aggregates data

These data sets are the stock aggregates Terminal Run Equivalents (TRE) data. There are 3 data sets:

  • the time series of terminal run for each of the ER indicator stocks (Term_Run_R);
  • the time series of terminal run equivalents (TREs) of all ER indicator stocks (TRE_R); and,
  • the time series of terminal run equivalent (TRE) ocean harvest rates of ER indicator stocks (TRE_HR_R).


This website is a demonstrator for the integration of several informatics technologies useful in "in-silico" biodiversity science: Scratchpads, Taverna Player and BioVeL infrastructure for executing workflows. This particular example makes use of population census data for Killer Whales and abundance data for Chinook Salmon in the north-east Pacific Ocean, which has kindly been provided by Antonio Velez-Espino of Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Please do not rely on the data or results information provided for any actual scientific, conservation or policy use. Mistakes herein (of which there are several) are solely the responsibility of the technical parties working on the technology integration. These include: Cardiff University, University of Manchester and the Natural History Museum, London.

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